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Blogs by Richard Cunha

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Christian Living
Worshipping God is a natural response for the believer and does require anything but our sacrifice of praise.
Richard Cunha | 13/12/2019
Christian Living
All who are His are to be in the missions field. Do you really know what that looks like?
Richard Cunha | 28/5/2019
Christian Living
Discomfort and pain is a real part of the Christian life. Ever ask yourself why?
Richard Cunha | 24/3/2019
Christian Living
Sometimes it hurts to work but it is necessary if we are to mature. We must remember the past so that we may see and understand the future.
Richard Cunha | 15/1/2019
Christian Living
Do you think you know a whole lot? You think you have the answers to life's mysteries? Think again.
Richard Cunha | 7/12/2018
Christian Living
Next time someone asks why someone might want to hack his PC, show him this diagram. However, I am far more concerned about a "hacked life" than a "hacked computer."
Richard Cunha | 27/11/2018
Christian Living
Not everything in life is obvious - some things are hidden. The same is true when it comes to infections.
Richard Cunha | 4/9/2018
Christian Living
Some things in life MUST remain hush hush for your own good!
Richard Cunha | 31/8/2018
Christian Living
To make less likely to feel shock or distress at scenes of cruelty, violence, or suffering by overexposure to such images. That is the way the world wants us to be.
Richard Cunha | 23/8/2018
Christian Living
The world is a mighty big place. Ever feel like a small fish in a big pond?
Richard Cunha | 22/8/2018
Christian Living
Immunizaton goes beyond the simple shot.
Richard Cunha | 11/8/2018
Christian Living
Our computers need maintenance from time to time and so do we.
Richard Cunha | 8/8/2018
Christian Living
Security takes on many forms from a lock on the door to the promise of eternal security.
Richard Cunha | 26/7/2018
Christian Living
As a Christian, to go the extra mile is expected.
Richard Cunha | 9/6/2018
Christian Living
I've been asked if COMPTU is a business or is it some sort of a Christian support site? Or, is it something else? Well, the answer is yes.
Richard Cunha | 18/4/2018
Christian Living
Here it is, Good Friday. As we approach Resurrection Day let us remember the forgiveness which our Lord demonstrated from the cross.
Richard Cunha | 30/3/2018
Christian Living
Temptations are Always There and are also Here
Richard Cunha | 28/3/2018
Christian Living
We must live as those who have been redeamed and not doomed. That is, of course, only if you have placed your trust in Jesus as Savior and nothing else.
Richard Cunha | 22/3/2018

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